Other services

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As part of the world's largest professional services organisation, we draw on the extensive knowledge of accountants, risk managers, performance improvement consultants, tax advisors, as well as corporate finance and business recovery specialists.

We can also provide you with following the management tools required for more informed business decisions:

  • Risk and capital management
  • Use of capital modelling to optimise reinsurance
  • Developing and maintaining risk-based models in partnership with clients
  • Data & assumption calibration
  • Support in the key operational areas of reinsurance and underwriting
  • Assessment and diagnostic of actuarial and reinsurance processes
  • Full service project management driving the development of documentation and process mapping for all key actuarial and financial reporting procedures
  • Expected cash flow model for reserve Scorecard process based on statistical techniques
  • Sensitivity analysis and stress testing of the solvency position
  • Risk premium: spread pricing according to expected losses and credit scoring