Pension valuation

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We can offer you the option to outsource sophisticated calculations such as pension valuation, valuation embedded value, time value of financial options and guarantees. We can also perform assumption calibration processes to obtain best estimate assumptions, and set the dynamics or model economic assumptions using stochastic techniques.

Post employment and other long-term employee benefits (under IFRS and US GAAP

  • Support in data gathering, data verification
  • Best estimates assumptions (both financial and demographic)
  • Consulting on accounting in case of modifications in benefits, redundancies, restructuring of a company or other “special” events
  • Pension liabilities valuation
  • Forecast for net pension expenses
  • Sensitivity analysis of liabilities
  • Preparation of disclosures
  • Comprehensive actuarial report

Mortality investigation

  • Support in data gathering, data verification
  • Analysing survival patterns using both internal and external data
  • Individual mortality table compilation including future mortality improvements

Pension funds liabilities and assets

  • Cash-flow modelling
  • Value of financial options and guarantees
  • Asset-Liability Modeling

Seminars on valuation, modelling and accounting of employee benefits under IFRS and US GAAP

Share-based payments

  • Consulting on classification and accounting of stock option plans under IFRS 2
  • Best estimates assumptions (both financial and demographic)
  • Valuation of fair value of the plans, p&l charge for periods
  • Preparation of disclosures