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How to maintain your market position and take advantage of new opportunities created by changes in the market and the law

Our automotive industry professionals will assist your company in achieving both its strategic and short-term goals. PwC consultants help clients in the automotive industry manage risk, maximise shareholder value and conclude mergers and acquisitions.

We are also ready to help you understand IFRS-related issues, including adopting IFRS, as well as tax and legal issues relevant to dealerships, automakers and component manufacturers, such as indirect taxation, transfer pricing, improving performance through tax efficiency, and many others.

Our vision 

The sales dynamic in recent months has shown that, after a year of stagnation, the market is beginning to recover both in unit and monetary terms, thanks to government support, greater availability of auto loans and some increase in underlying demand.

We anticipate overall unit sales growth of between 20% and 35% in 2011. Most of this increase will likely come from sales of locally assembly foreign models. In the medium term, we expect Russia to be a driver of global auto production growth.

Such a favourable outlook creates a great deal of opportunities for Russian automotive market players. The most important thing is to understand how to use them to overcome challenges and achieve a company’s new goals.

How PwC can help

Our team is ready to share a world of knowledge with you as they have been deeply integrated into the PwC global network of advisors in this sector, which boasts 1,500 professionals.

Since 2004, we have carried out the analysis of the Russian automotive market to present the latest automotive industry developments and trends and share our industry forecast. We hope that it will be interesting and useful for you.