Whichever opportunity you're applying for, there might be some questions may not yet have found the answer to. Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

Before Application

  • I did not study for a relevant degree. Will this affect my chances of being made an offer?

        A: Not at all, we welcome students from all degree disciplines.

  • I study at technical university. Is it possible to apply for PwC positions without a business background?

A: Usually people applying at PwC study or hold degrees in the area of economics, business, management, accounting and tax. If you have a different degree, it is definitely worth a try. We are looking mainly for potential, so we consider all candidates, irrespective of their background (whether it is technical or not).

  • I am a 2nd/3rd year student and I would like to do an internship at PwC.

A: Internships are open for undergraduates, mainly in our ‘busy season’: from autumn until early spring. The tenure and work schedule (part-time or full-time) varies from services and territories. Check our vacancies regularly and ask about the details during our recruitment events.                     

  • How long is an internship?

A: In most cases an internship lasts from three to six months – depending on department.                 

  • Can I do a summer internship in PwC?

A: Our business is seasonal and the “busy” period usually does not coincide with the summer vacations in universities. Most of the internship opportunities in Audit, Advisory and Tax Service Lines are during the autumn and winter season. However it can happen that we have opportunities for undergraduates during the summer period, check the Vacancies page on our website regularly.

  • What is an internship and what responsibilities will I have?

A: The internship at PwC starts with induction. You will be introduced to the managers of your Department, learn about our goals and objectives, obtain the necessary knowledge. In the course of the internship you will work on projects together with experienced consultants, go on business trips and obtain useful skills. You will become a real team member.

  •  I am about to graduate and do not have any work experience. How I can decide which position I should apply for?

A: Try to find out which PwC activities most interest you, and try to have a general understanding of the activities of the department you apply to. We recommend that you do some research on the Internet, participate in PwC recruitment events, meet our colleagues at job fairs. Our Interactive Challenges (links here) might also help you to get insight into the life of our consultants/associates in different departments.

During Application and Selection

  •  How can I apply to a position?

A: Visit our Current Vacancies page and look for a position you are most interested in. At the bottom of the job advert page you will find a link in order to continue the application. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete our application form depending on how many application questions we ask. We ask that you upload your CV. After you submit your application, for intern and graduate positions we ask you to complete a numerical and logical reasoning test in your native language.  It takes approximately 60 minutes. We recommend that you arrange to be undisturbed in order to give your best. Once you start a test, you cannot stop it, but between the two tests you can take a break and continue later. The numerical and logical tests are an important part of your application, and provide us with crucial information on your skills.

  • How long do you keep the CVs in your database?

A: After a CV is reviewed by our HR colleagues, a decision will be made whether a candidate should be invited to the next step of the selection process, or the CV will be filed in the database to be considered for other vacancies for two years. One year after you initially submitted your CV we recommend that you re-submit an updated version.

  •  Who I can contact if I have difficulties or question with my application?

A: On our career site you will find the contact person in each office with his/her contact details. Our colleagues are happy to help you with any issue you have in the application process.

Post offer

  •  Will I be offered a position as consultant after completing the internship?

A: If your internship is successful and you are still interested in a career with PwC, you will be offered a position as consultant in the department of your internship.

  •  Does PwC offer mentoring or coaching?

A: Yes, as part of the PwC experience, you will be provided with a coach and buddy. Your buddy is someone who you can meet on a regular basis to discuss current projects, help with problems and give you advice. Your coach is also available to help you write your personal development plan and assist you to achieve your career objectives. They are also your first point of call for any problems you might have. It is a confidential relationship, so you can put everything and anything on the table.

  •  Will I be supported in finding a coach/mentor?

A: Regardless of the program you are recruited into, you will be assigned with a buddy and coach who you will be introduced to on your first day. Coaching is part of our strategy to support our people through their changing life needs as they progress in their careers with PwC.

  • How soon after joining will I be given real responsibility?

A: Depending on the department you join as a graduate, you will spend the first couple of weeks at intensive learning events and trainings to prepare you for working with clients, and then you will take on front-line, client-facing responsibility within a few weeks of joining the firm. You will quickly become an integral part of the team you join, making valuable contributions. Are you a bit afraid? - don't worry! Even though we like independent minds, constant monitoring of your progress means you’ll always have support.