Center for Technology and Innovation for start-up companies

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As a priority, CTI supports technology start-ups in all areas of their operations so that they can be commercially successful, competitive and growing dynamically.


Why PwC?

  • We have access to the key players in the venture capital and technology markets, and a sprawling network of key decision making contacts in and outside Russia.
  • We have significant experience in transaction support and a good understanding of specific technicalities in dealing with investors.
  • As part of the PwC global technological network, we cooperate actively with leading international experts.
  • We work with major Fortune 500 hi-tech corporations and understand perfectly well what problems companies have to resolve early on in their business endeavours as well as throughout their whole life-cycle.

Our team will help you to:

  • Identify potential investors, prepare properly for pitching your project and conduct negotiations in close pursuance of your interests;
  • Analyse your long-term plans and market strategy and have a critical look at your business plan from the investor perspective;
  • Analyse your corporate tax structure in order to develop a strategy for higher tax efficiency;
  • Draw maximum performance from your reporting and financial information for the stakeholders (i.e. your investors and partners);
  • Understand how to protect your intellectual property rights;
  • Model your corporate growth options and plan your organisation changes.

Moreover, we hold regular workshops and training sessions, free of charge, where we focus on different business areas and where you can have answers to your questions.