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Communications Review: Network operators

Network operators: Why making the most of the IoT opportunity means looking beyond the network and leveraging other assets – like your OSS and BSS.

19th Annual Global CEO Survey: Communications industry key findings

In the midst of transforming their businesses with new technologies, communications CEOs see a wealth of growth opportunities in the years ahead.

The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016 Telecommunications summary

In 2015 telecommunications respondents reported a 45% increase in detected information security incidents over the year before.

New opportunities in familiar places

In this issue, we focus on new opportunities that are arising in some familiar areas that already represent well-trodden terrain for the industry.

Clearing the way. 2012 Outlook for network decommissioning

As telecom operators around the world continue to upgrade their network technologies to improve performance and increase capacity, many of them are confronted with the challenge of maintaining multiple generations of technologies and networks.

Seizing the mobility moment

Mobility has enabled consumers to carry the Internet in their pocket, and with that power they're more informed, more mobile, less private, and more social than ever before. Businesses have a unique opportunity to stand out—and pull ahead of their competitors— by discovering that mobile devices are not only tools to drive innovation but an ecosystem that can transform customer and employee experiences.