Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy design and deployment services

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Developing a well thought-out, credible and effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Organisations need to understand and prioritise both the strategic and reputational risks that arise as a consequence of their business practices and operations. Too often, companies turn to a CSR strategy in response to an adverse event. In this “reactive” mode, companies often make hasty decisions, which lead to an ineffective allocation of resources.

  • How do I build a stronger business case to get senior management's attention?
  • What are our biggest risks and how should we manage them?
  • What should be our priorities?
  • Are there gaps in our CSR strategy? What is the best way to implement the strategy?
PwC has a comprehensive service offering related to CSR strategy and stakeholder engagement. Our offering, which can be tailored to a client’s exact requirements, has four main elements:

Programme development and implementation

We help our clients develop and implement a range of strategic programmes for the ongoing management of business conduct, risks to reputation and corporate responsibility. Specifically, we work with clients on the development and testing of codes of ethics and conduct; corporate responsibility, environmental, health and safety, and community management systems, controls, policies and procedures; internal audit; and performance and risk metrics.

Inventory and gap analysis

PwC has developed a systematic approach that helps both companies that have a strategy or those that are forming one to quickly inventory existing CR activities and assess them against internal obligations (e.g. values, codes, policies, etc.) and leading external practices (e.g. peers, rating indices, reporting guidelines, etc.). Depending on a variety of factors, including the industry, geography, and stakeholders, our approach can be tailored to help meet the needs of any client and quickly identify major gaps.

Stakeholder engagement

Companies are no longer accountable only to shareholders and the investment community. They recognise that a broad and diverse group of constituents, including employees, activists, suppliers, consumers, regulators, communities and NGOs can have a significant impact on their reputation and business performance. Stakeholder engagement has therefore become a core requirement for maintaining competitive advantage.

Operational solutions and support to decision making

Our consultants and project management staff support governments in evaluating national and international policy options, and help industry make informed decisions concerning corporate investment and strategic environmental management.