Maximizing Value From Deals

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In an emerging market organic growth is often not enough to satisfy business needs and shareholders’ objectives. Therefore, many companies are examining their business models and opt for strategic mergers and acquisitions. That’s why the number and value of deals in Russia has been growing steadily since 2000. Consolidation is one of the key trends in many sectors of the Russian economy. Some companies acquire their competitors, others target regional and niche players, while the largest holdings consider worldwide expansion.

A merger or acquisition can add considerable value to a business, but making sure that each stage of the transaction process — from valuation and calculation of synergy effect to negotiation and completion — is successful demands considerable experience and expertise. Companies want to reach their strategic goals by identifying and then implementing opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses. The global economy means that these opportunities can arise anywhere in the world. The global reach of PwC allows us to provide services on the ground wherever they are needed. Many drivers can affect a deal; from regulatory restrictions to tax issues. As the world’s largest professional services organisation, we can call upon dedicated specialists to address any specific challenges that may arise.

We offer a full range of tax, financial, business assurance, and advisory capabilities covering acquisitions, disposals, private equity, strategic M&A advice, advice on listed company transactions, financing, and public/private partnerships. We’re also able to deploy experienced deal teams — combining deep industry knowledge with local market expertise — anywhere and everywhere your company operates. And while every deal is unique in detail, most will benefit from the broad experience we bring in the areas of due diligence, tax, and, where permitted, legal advice. In short, we offer integrated solutions precisely matched to your particular deal situation. Whether focused on growth or divestments, our specialists will help you complete and extract the maximum value from your transactions.