Debt advisory

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Borrowing money on reliable and good terms has become increasingly challenging. PwC has a specialist team that covers domestic and international banks of all kinds, export credit agencies and hedge funds, all of whom are interested in providing credit to Russian borrowers. Whether it is a loan, Eurobond, a ruble bond or project finance – we can help you.

Potential issues

  • In light of the financial crisis, credit institutions of all kinds have become much more careful and thorough when they lend money.
  • As a potential borrower, you need to prepare thoroughly, with business plans, financial models and a variety of supporting information, to ensure the creditor’s confidence, and to make sure you fully comply with credit procedures.
  • Many financial institutions are no longer ready to consider Russian credit, and those that are have become focused on specific sectors and structures that they prefer and feel comfortable with.

Services we offer

  • We advise on all manner of transactions from real estate to new industrial plants, from agriculture to mining.
  • We prepare the business plans and financial models necessary to evaluate credit, and to identify appropriate funding sources.
  • We market your credit to institutions that will be interested.
  • We advise on credit structure, market risks, hedging strategies, financial terms and negotiation/presentation strategies. We can also lead negotiations for both debt and derivatives.
  • We help you execute the transaction, providing support all the way through to financial close and usually afterwards as the deal is completed.

Benefits for our clients

  • Involving PwC boosts your credibility, and provides a third-party assessment of credit and market issues, which gets the attention of potential financiers.
  • We specialise in export credit financing, which is a technically complex area where track record and experience make a huge difference.
  • Since we are in touch with the domestic and international marketplaces, we save your time and cut costs by finding the right lender, and helping to ensure that competition keeps pricing competitive.
  • We have vast experience in helping to get deals closed once they are agreed.
  • Our Moscow-based team is staffed by investment and commercial banking experts from the financial industry, both international and domestic.