Derivatives and hedging advisory

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Market risks have caused many surprises for businesses across our region. These risks will continue to affect even the soundest balance sheets going forward. Working out what risks you run, understanding how to manage those risks, and executing a trading strategy to deal with them are all complicated matters.

Potential issues

  • Market volatility remains significant and many businesses are affected by market risks, whether this is in core operations, or simply to keep reported profits stable in a home currency.
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  • Working out sensitivities to market risks is complex. You need a good trading strategy that helps you understand what competitors may do and how demand and supply patterns can change.
  • You require expertise in navigating the derivatives world, and finding safe ways to use available tools to manage risk.

Services we offer

  • We advise on all manner of situations, whether this involves existing trades or new positions.
  • We help our clients to analyse their positions, including when they are considering a derivative trade for the first time, and when they need to assess and manage transactions that are already on the books.
  • We assess the right package of instruments. If necessary, we use simulation software to demonstrate the impacts of different strategies and help our clients to understand the “art of the possible” in difficult markets.
  • Once we’ve defined a strategy, we take trades to market (often on a no-names basis) to locate best prices, assess timing, and generate some competition between trading desks so that pricing is on market.
  • We help to execute the transaction, providing support to close and usually afterwards to assess and monitor performance and help our clients keep their strategies up-to-date.

Benefits for our clients

  • We provide unparalleled experience in dealing with derivatives and market risks.
  • We offer a combination of consulting and analysis on the one hand, and practical market access on the other. We don’t just devise a plan, we help implement it.
  • With our help, clients get the results that they expect.