Guide to investment: Krasnodar Region

We have prepared this overview jointly with the Krasnodar Region Department of Strategic Development, Investments and External Economic Activity to help potential investors properly assess opportunities in the region’s most promising industries and give them an in-depth picture of the types of investment projects currently under way in the region.

The Krasnodar Region boasts a unique geographical location, climate and natural resources base.

The steady growth seen in the region’s economic growth indicators and its effective investment policies have attracted an increasing number of Russian and international investors. In confirmation of this fact, Russian and international rating agencies have given high rankings to the region’s investment appeal for several years running, making Kuban a leader in terms of favourable conditions for doing business.

The Krasnodar Region’s economy features developed manufacturing industries and a highly diversified agricultural sector. The region’s attractiveness for investors is underpinned by its steady economic growth, opening up opportunities to operate successfully in the local engineering, metalworking, food processing, chemicals, glass, forest products, consumer goods and construction industries. Today, the region is also a leader in terms of tourist facilities, and its leisure industry actively promotes Kuban as a year-round, world-class resort destination.

Guide to investment

Krasnodar Region