Guide to Investment: The Leningrad Region

We are pleased to present the Guide to Industry in the Leningrad Region.

This detailed guide, which we have prepared jointly with the Leningrad Region Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity, is intended to be a reference point for navigating the region's diverse industrial sector. It is aimed at helping potential investors to accurately assess the most promising industries for starting and growing a business.

The Leningrad Region today presents a vivid example of a dynamic, rapidly growing economy. The availability of a rich natural resources base and highly qualified labour pool, easy access to both Russian and European markets, and robust production and technological potential are some of the key factors promoting the Leningrad Region's development as a highly industrialised region that is home to all types of manufacturing.

The leadership of the Leningrad Region has taken a proactive stance in introducing various mechanisms to facilitate and ease the work of investors, in particular by setting up a “one-stop-shop” system for supporting investment projects, which in turn has helped foster a very convenient environment for doing business.

We are confident that this publication will prove useful for investors and instrumental in helping them achieve success in their new ventures.

A place with exciting investment opportunities

Leningrad Region