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19th Annual Global CEO Survey: Entertainment and media industry key findings

Entertainment and media (E&M) CEOs are undergoing increased pressure to adapt to changing consumer expectations and behaviours, propelled by evolving technology trends.

The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016: Entertainment, media, and communications summary

This year’s entertainment, media and communications (EMC) respondents reported a 17% increase in incidents over the past 12 months. EMC organisations are responding by taking action to bolster their cybersecurity capabilities. Read how they are implementing safeguards such as cloud-enabled cybersecurity, risk-based security frameworks, and information sharing with external partners.

Entertainment & Media Outlook 2015-2019

The "Global entertainment & media (E&M) outlook: forecast for 2015-2019" presents data on 13 segments in 54 countries.

Entertainment & Media Outlook 2014-2018

Global entertainment and media outlook 2014-2018 issues detailed annual forecasts for the thirteen segments of the industry and covers 54 countries and territories

Global entertainment and media outlook: 2013-2017

Global entertainment and media outlook 2013-2017 issues detailed annual forecasts for the thirteen segments of the industry and covers fifty countries and territories

The evolution of video gaming and content consumption

The research piece is devoted to the attitudes and behaviours of gamers across multiple devices (consoles, personal computers, smartphones and tablets etc) and consumer interest in consuming traditional video content over video consoles, and other gaming distribution methods.

Engage customers through social media. Digital transformation

It is clear that social networking has become one of the dominant cultural phenomena in these digital times. The rapidity of this rise to prominence in everyday life for so many people, as well as its global impact, is remarkable. Companies can no longer neglect engaging into social media on a number of purposes.