Global entertainment and media outlook:


Global entertainment and media outlook 2013-2017 issues detailed annual forecasts for the thirteen segments of the industry and covers fifty countries and territories

According to PwC's annual Global entertainment and media outlook 2013-2017, revenue will grow in entertainment & media (E&M) sector across the globe during the outlook period, but the growth rates will lag behind global GDP. On average, the global E&M market will show a year-on-year increase of 5.6% over five years while GDP in nominal terms will increase annually by 7.2%.

The survey shows that eight major E&M markets, China, Brazil, India, Russia, Middle East and North Africa, Mexico, Indonesia and Argentina, will demonstrate high growth rates while also maintaining significant market volumes. In 2017, they will account for 22% of global revenue compared to 12% in 2008. Compounded Annual Growth Rates (CAGR) of these markets will outstrip growth rates of the global E&M market by twofold.

In 2012, Russia's E&M market grew by 14% to USD 25.4bn against 2011. Russia remains one of the most dynamic E&M markets and is ranked sixth in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We expect its CAGR to come to 9.4% in the forecast period and, by 2017, the market should reach USD 39.8bn.

The most rapidly developing segments will be online advertising (20% growth), Internet access (14.5%) and pay TV (11.9%). Newspapers will show slow growth (1.4%), and the trend for the educational books market will be negative (-3.7%).


Russia's E&M market’s CAGR is expected to come to 9.4% in the forecast period and, by 2017, the market should reach USD 39.8bn

Online advertising has been growing due to Internet access segment, which has recently shown significant growth and is expected to continue to do so in the future. Market revenue will double from USD 6.4bn in 2012 to USD 12.7bn in 2017. This growth will largely be maintained thanks to mobile web services.

The Russian TV advertising market has been actively recovering after the downturn of 2009. Annual revenue grew up from USD 2.7bn in 2009 to USD 4.2bn in 2012 with CAGR reaching 11%. The market volume is expected to reach USD 5.4bn by 2017.

The Russian video game market is also rapidly and sustainably expanding. In 2008, total revenue for segment came to USD 873m. In 2012, it reached USD 1.2bn. Thus, the annual growth came to 11%. PwC believes that the total gaming market will reach USD 1.8bn by 2017. At the same time, the annual growth rate will move down from double digits to 8% and will remain fixed on that level in 2014.