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Interviews with the outlook's participants


The "Global entertainment & media (E&M) outlook: forecast for 2015-2019" presents data on 13 segments in 54 countries.

According to the PwC report "Global E&M outlook: forecast for 2015-2019”, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for total revenue from the global E&M industry in the next five years will come to 5.1%, which means that revenue will move up from USD 1.74 trillion in 2014 to USD 2.23 trillion in 2019.

The Russian E&M market saw virtually no change in its growth last year, as the market grew 9% compared to 2013.

We expect its CAGR to come to 6.4% over forecast period and, by 2019, the market should reach USD 34.7 billion.


The average annual rate of growth for Russia's E&M market for 2015-2019 will come to 6.4% and, by 2019, the market's total volume should stand at USD 34.7 billion.

The most rapidly developing segments are Internet (15.4%), online advertising (13.7%) and pay-TV (9%). TV advertising has shown a sharp decrease (-10.3%) while book publishing is still in decline (-2%). In terms of advertising costs, the leader on the E&M market was online advertising, which totalled USD 2.4 billion. According to the forecast, by 2019, the TV advertising market will come to USD 2.2 billion, which shows a 10.1% decrease.