The rise of e-commerce: how it affects your business

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16 апреля 2013 года,
Офис PwC, бизнес-центр "Белая площадь"
Бутырский вал, д. 10,
10 этаж, комната 1009 ab (Найти на карте)

On 16 April 2013 PwC held a seminar "The rise of e-commerce: how it affects your business" where we presented the most important findings from this year’s PwC Multichannel Survey and discussed their business implications for retailers and manufacturers in different product categories.

For several years in a row, PwC has conducted a unique study, the PwC Multichannel Survey, to gauge the shopping behaviour of online users. This year, the survey covered 11 countries, including Russia for the first time. More than 11, 000 customers were interviewed about their shopping behaviour across various channels. For instance, the survey asked about the frequency of their online shopping, how important physical shops still are to them, what prevents them from shopping online, and similar issues.

Our findings indicate that Russian online shoppers differ in several ways from their peers in other countries. Furthermore, shopping behaviour can differ among regions, albeit not as much as is often assumed. These and other insights will have a major influence on Russian retail and FMCG companies.

Here are some key findings for Russia this year:

  • 85% of Russian Internet users have already bought something online
  • Lower prices are the main reason for consumers to shop online, but brand awareness plays a crucial role when choosing an online retailer
  • 47% of Russian Internet users prefer to buy consumer electronics online
  • The Internet is the preferred channel for research in the health and beauty category
  • More than 60% of Russian Internet users have bought shoes and clothing online in the past 12 months
  • Physical stores are still the predominant channel for grocery shopping, even though more than30% of Russian Internet users have bought a grocery item online in the past 12 months
  • Ozon is by far the most popular online retailer but international champions are also veryrelevant as eBay places second and Amazon comes in fifth
  • 31% of Russian Internet users have already bought products or services directly from manufacturers, bypassing retailers
  • More than half of shoppers, who shop across more channels at their favourite retailers, havespent more than when they were shopping just in one channel
  • 57% of Russian Internet users use social media every day, which is above average compared to most of the other surveyed countries

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