Winning cases using computer forensic technologies

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21 February 2013
White Square Office Center
10 Butyrsky Val
10th floor, 1011
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PwC is pleased to invite you to a briefing designed specially for legal professionals on “Winning cases using computer forensic technologies”. At this event, you’ll learn how forensic technologies are used to identify, retrieve, and analyse digital data for use as evidence.

Did you know that:

  • 98% of business information is created electronically?
  • 80% of business documents are never printed?
  • an executive sends over 100 emails per day on average?

In case of attacks on corporate IT systems, a contract dispute, an employment termination issue or fraud cases resulting in stolen financial information or intellectual property, etc. Forensic Technology Solutions can assists legal professionals by preserving, collecting and analysing electronic data. Our team will explain how they have successfully obtained valuable evidence from laptops, emails, mobile phones, BlackBerrys, accounting systems and other data storage devices – even after this information had already been deleted.

Participants will gain an understanding of the practical benefits of computer forensics for lawyers, what technology is available to support you in this, and why eDiscovery has become one of the most valuable tools for lawyers around the world.

The session will be interactive, with opportunities to challenge experts and debate.



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