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If this is your situation

  • You want to set up a new factoring business and you require assistance to complete this
  • You want to purchase an existing Factoring business and need assistance to complete the deal and carry out due diligence
  • You feel that your company’s legal framework should be developed further
  • You would like to build mature risk management system
  • You are looking for opportunities to hedge risks
  • You would like to pay special attention to your debtors as it plays a substantial role in risk management and internal control approaches
  • You suspect your company to be intensively exposed to fraud risk and would like to implement more advanced anti-fraud programs
  • You would like to independently justify the internal management procedures used within your factoring company: to regulation bodies, shareholders, funding banks, etc.
  • You think that your company’s corporate structure needs optimization
  • You find it necessary to improve IT environment according to the competition in the factoring services market

How we can help you

Our Operations & restructuring and Governance, risk & compliance teams consist of the best experienced professionals in the field. We have completed a number of projects for factoring companies and have a deep knowledge of specific features of the industry. The clients benefit from a perfect combination of risk management, internal control, internal audit expertise, global best practice knowledge and methodological approach.

Our services

  • Development and implementation of business strategy for sustainable growth from the standpoint of mid-term and long-term goals
  • Design and optimization of corporate structure, management processes
  • Development of key performance indicators for operations and functions
  • General ERM system diagnostics: risk culture survey, risk reporting integration into management reporting
  • Deep analysis of specific factoring risks: credit, debtors, fraud, IT risks with detailed recommendations development
  • Detailed risk mitigation action development: credit risk infrastructure creation, corporate antifraud program development
  • Corporate governance effectiveness improvement: segregation of duties, effective organizational structure development
  • IT effectiveness improvement: help in choosing the IT tool, quality assurance of IT implementation, project management of IT development
  • Corporate compliance review: in accordance with the global best practices, in particular, Basel II, stock regulations, the Central bank requirements, loss provisions procedures
  • Internal control environment improvement: control design and testing, analysis of internal control effectiveness
  • Internal audit services: internal audit function establishment, internal audit outsourcing, internal audit diagnostics
  • Trainings and seminars in the field of risk management, internal control and internal audit with focus on the nature of factoring operations
  • Fraud investigations: accounting irregularities, inventory or intellectual property theft, cyber crimes, corruption
  • PwC developed the COSO framework known as the “Integrated Risk Management Model” which has currently become de facto the main guideline in designing an efficient risk management and internal control system globally.