Corporate intelligence

Entering into any new business relationship involves risk. You need to reduce your risk of running into problems that could adversely affect your business. You need to have the facts about prospective partners, investments or acquisition targets in order to make informed decisions with confidence.

Corporate Intelligence (CI) is a specialist line of services provided by PwC Forensics, which provides our clients with the most comprehensive research and analysis of facts relating to the standing and integrity of their business partners.

When we can help

  • Are you planning to invest in a company and would you like to ensure that the reputation of your business counterparty is satisfactory and there are no issues of potential concern?
  • Are you a subject to the requirements of anti-corruption legislation (UK BA / FCPA)?
  • Are you working with a large number of counterparties?
  • Is your company involved in a commercial dispute with a counterparty or in a conflict between shareholders?
  • Do you want to know if your debtors own any valuable assets?
  • You as a credit organization would like to understand whether your non-performing borrowers are affiliated between each other? And whether they possess any assets on which you can impose a court-enforced collection?
  • Do you want to hire a new employee, but you know nothing about them (except for the information in the CV)?
  • Do you want to change or improve your working relationship with suppliers and contractors?

How We Can Help

  • Conducting comprehensive integrity due diligence reviews of your business partners
  • Automated testing of large numbers of counterparties for a variety of risks, and identifying counterparties with the highest risk level
  • Gathering information about your competitors, including during court proceedings
  • Collecting and analysing information on corporate and commercial relationships between business partners, as well as identifying potential conflicts of interest
  • Tracing of assets in different countries which may be available for recovery
  • Conducting pre-employment screening of candidates
  • Developing procedures and guidelines for your own review of counterparties

How we add value to your business

  • Gaining confidence in the success of your partnerships or relationships with new and existing counterparties.
  • Mitigating the risk of regulatory investigations by implementing adequate procedures for third party due diligence and employee screening.
  • Mitigating financial loss and reputational damage when interacting with business partners as well as when buying or selling businesses
  • Strengthening your position in negotiations on compensation or debt restructuring
  • Giving scope to adjust the deal terms
  • Gaining confidence in the integrity of candidates for employment
  • Mitigating the risk of fraud in your company by identifying potential conflicts of interest, both within the company and among suppliers and contractors