Corporate investigations

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Corporate crime poses a real and substantial threat to the stability of any business. That’s why it’s critical to take proper measures to prevent crime and react swiftly to unlawful acts. Fraud and theft involving anything from intellectual property to inventory can have very costly consequences. All companies are equally vulnerable to the risk of corporate crime.

Potential issues

  • Responding to law enforcement or regulatory actions to defend company’s interests and ensure board and management are “ahead of the game”
  • Understanding whether underperforming businesses are truly underperforming
  • Ensuring an independent, objective view is given of potential management impropriety

Services we offer

Corporate investigations into fraud, how it occurred and who was responsible:

  • Investigations of corporate irregularities and whistle-blower allegations from the mailroom to the boardroom
  • Alleged misappropriation of corporate assets, their recovery or restraint-of-use
  • Uncovering undisclosed conflicts of interest and improper business relationships
  • Investigations of regulatory non-compliance
  • Insolvency investigations and recovery of funds on behalf of debtors or creditors

Fraud risk management:

  • Mitigating diverse threats from fraud and establishing effective anti-fraud and legal compliance programmes

Computer forensics and cybercrime investigations:

  • IT systems data recovery
  • Investigations into hacking and unauthorised network intrusions
  • Investigations into distribution of pirated software or other
    misappropriated assets
  • Analysis of financial systems and databases for fraud identification purposes

Corporate intelligence due diligence:

  • Integrity due diligence of suppliers, vendors, business partners, sales agents, etc.

Benefits for our clients

  • Avoid revenue leakage
  • Cut spending while preventing longer-term surprises
  • Protect physical and intellectual property.
  • Gain a competitive edge in frontier and emerging markets
  • Mitigate legal and regulatory risk
  • Safeguard brand value and the personal reputation of senior management and the board of directors
  •  Increase transparency to attract investors
  •  Strengthen corporate controls over assets
  •  Enhance corporate culture and business ethics