Dispute analysis and litigation

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As the pace of business intensifies and globalisation continues, disputes and conflicts become inevitable. Increasingly, they involve customers across borders, joint venture partnerships, and foreign governments. They may also entail dealing with different cultures and legal systems, as well as unfamiliar regulatory and accounting requirements.

Potential issues

  • You need to quantify losses/damages from breaches of contracts.
  • You have to verify amounts to be paid to departing/bought-out shareholders.
  • You want to terminate a contract or delay recovering costs.

Services we offer

Financial issues related to disputes:

  • Early or pre-claim assessments of damages
  • Quantification of losses resulting from delay, disruption, loss of productivity, changed work, or breach of contract
  • Forensic accounting investigation
  • Identification of the best data to seek or provide in an Examination for Disclosure/Discovery
  • Comments on opposing expert reports

International arbitration, including assistance with claims:

  • Breach of contract
  • Construction disputes
  • Acquisition disputes
  • Claims under investment treaties

Insurance claims services,including advising on insurance risks and claims

M&A transaction and shareholder disputes:

  • Participation in negotiations, assessing negotiating strategy
  • Challenging completion accounts
  • Interpreting and applying financial and accounting aspects of sales and purchase agreements
  • Drafting accounting and financial reporting clauses in M&A agreements

Complex construction disputes:

  • capital projects, including power utilities, road, rail and airport infrastructure
  • office buildings and other facilities

Expert witness services:

  • Trial preparation
  • Expert testimony
  • Cross-examination assistance

Benefits for our clients

  • A proven track record, from assessing case merits to giving expert testimony
  • In-depth sector knowledge drawing on PwC’s wealth of expertise in your industry
  • The right expert – we draw on the subject matter expertise required, including accountants, economists, actuaries, business valuation specialists and engineers
  • A globally connected Forensics Team – since disputes invariably cross borders, we provide a seamless team working to address your needs, wherever they may arise