Dispute analysis and litigation

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Benefits for you

  • The complete financial picture of a dispute
  • Reduced uncertainty and increased confidence in the outcome of the dispute
  • The local experienced team will lead the best possible outcome
  • Expert resources presenting your case credibly and reliably
  • The ability to focus on business as usual

Services we offer

International arbitration

  • Early case assessment and development of the strategy.
  • Collection and preservation of evidence.
  • Valuation and quantification of damages, lost profits or opportunities.
  • Preparation of detailed economic and market analysis.
  • Investigation of accounting and tax issues relating to claims.
  • Provision of expert reports and testimony under the rules of major dispute resolution institutions including the ICC, UNCITRAL, ICSID, LCIA, DIAC, AAA and SCC.
  • Comments on opposing expert reports.

Capital project disputes

  • Investigation and analysis of project management, programming, financial and economic aspects of capital project disputes.
  • Examination of the financial and programming impacts of change.
  • Quantum assessment.

Commercial disputes

  • Investigation, analysis and quantification of damages from breach of contract, contract termination, professional negligence, business interruption, compulsory purchase orders and procurement processes.
  • Collection of evidence on causation and liability in cases involving alleged accounting or audit negligence.

Transaction and shareholder disputes

  • Pre-deal due diligence in cooperation with colleagues from our Transaction Services, Valuations, Tax, Legal and Corporate Finance teams.
  • Interpretation and application of financial and accounting aspects of sales and purchase agreements, including: completion accounts, earn-out mechanism and warranty matters.
  • Participation in negotiations, assessing negotiating strategy.
  • Investigation, analysis and quantification of financial consequences from transactions and shareholder disputes.

Banking and insurance disputes

  • Investigation of the banks’ transactional history to identify the nature and extent of the misappropriation and assistance in subsequent recovery of assets.
  • Assistance in managing claims and quantifying resulting losses – both for clients bringing claims and for insurance companies, Government bodies, and other entities responding to and defending claims.
  • Independent expertise when required for the purpose of Court proceedings.

Matrimonial services

  • Investigation of  the financial aspects of marital disputes, from asset identification, verification and tracing to valuations, liquidity and taxation issues.
  • Preparation of independent evidence to enable the parties to reach a settlement, or the Court to make an order.

Why PwC?

  • Local expertise – knowledge of country specifics, ways of doing business, laws and regulations, native speakers
  • Local PwC partners who have an experience of expert testimony in international arbitration
  • A proven track record, from assessing case merits to giving expert testimony
  • The right expert – we draw on the subject matter expertise required, including accountants, economists, actuaries, business valuation specialists and engineers
  • A globally connected Forensics Team – since disputes invariably cross borders, we provide a seamless team working to address your needs, wherever they may arise