Assistance in cluster development

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Industrial and innovation clusters have become an integral part of the current economic policy of numerous countries and regions. In the final analysis, the development of such clusters can contribute to a higher standard of living for local populations through job creation and an increased tax base. 

We help national and regional governments in developing cluster strategies and roadmaps, which contribute to: 

  • transformation of economic activity in regions, and its expansion into emerging industries;
  • adequate assessment and proper use of local assets to obtain competitive advantages, and integrate into national, industry and global value chains;
  • development of an innovation ecosystem in a region as a driver for its sustainable growth;
  • joining together the efforts of key stakeholders – governments, companies, universities and investors – as part of an economic strategy;
  • development of regional infrastructure;
  • enhanced investment attractiveness.

Our cluster development approach is based on our proprietary integrated methodology for territory development and has been tested in multiple projects throughout the world. The global PwC network is focused on cluster and innovation-driven development issues includes several hundred highly skilled experts.

Our advantage is that we have a solid understanding of both government and business interests, and how to combine them to ensure productive cooperation in the area of cluster development. In addition, PwC has established its own Centre for Technology and Innovation (CTI), which studies and disseminates best practices in innovation-driven development. CTI includes a business accelerator, which helps innovation-driven companies grow.