Central government authorities

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PwC's annual Global CEO Survey has shown uncertainty and instability in global economic growth rates, volatility in capital markets and a downward trend in the business confidence index regarding short-term prospects. In the current situation, the governments of various countries around the world must shoulder the burden of responsibility and set an example of political leadership that can lay the foundation for stable, sustainable growth in the global economy.

Our services

  • Introducing a programme-oriented approach to the operations of government bodies, including developing targeted programmes, and identifying key performance indicators and appraisal techniques;
  • Drafting regulations governing public-private partnerships (PPP);
  • Transaction support advising for: privatisation, valuation of state-owned property, and economic and legal expert reviews of work performed under government contracts; 
  • Optimising government procurement systems;
  • Services for improving the operational efficiency of government bodies, including developing administrative procedures; optimising the structures and functions of government bodies; optimising civil service staffing levels; introducing outsourcing mechanisms; and implementing quality control procedures for public services;
  • Improving governmental operations through information and communication technologies (implementing e-government elements, developing information security systems);
  • Advising on tax and tax policy implementation;
  • Upgrading budget management systems, drafting funding policies and procedures;
  • Developing a strategy and roadmap for establishing an international financial centre in Russia.