Regional and local government authorities

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We help government authorities at various levels to identify and implement new opportunities, and overcome crisis situations, on the path toward achieving prosperity for their regions and cities. With our extensive experience working with investors and first-hand knowledge of their requirements, motivation and decision-making processes, we can develop a successful strategy for attracting investment to a given region. We also draw up sustainable development concepts for contemporary cities, and new municipal management methods and strategies.  The core of our work is aimed at facilitating the prosperity of regions and cities.

Our services

  • Developing investment strategies and programmes for attracting investors;
  • Advising on setting up investment facilitation organisations (agencies);
  • Developing approaches to the introduction of Smart City technologies (Smart City concept implementation);
  • Developing integrated social and economic development programmes;
  • Drafting programmes for promoting small and medium-sized enterprises (SME);
  • Drawing up programmes for developing innovation-driven activity and setting up an innovation-friendly infrastructure;
  • Elaborating cluster development programmes;
  • Drawing up tourism development strategies and programmes;
  • Supporting public-private partnership (PPP) projects;
  • Upgrading budget management systems;
  • Assessing labour resources, developing talent recruitment strategies and programmes;
  • Assisting in defining the best positioning options for regions and municipal entities (territory branding);
  • Providing assistance for regional and local government operational improvement, including internal and external audits, developing administrative procedures, introducing outsourcing mechanisms, and implementing quality control procedures for public services;
  • Implementing educational programmes aimed at developing the leadership skills and potential of government and municipal employees.