Developing corporate compensation and incentive systems

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  • Any organisation aspires to have a system of compensation and incentives that is aligned with its business strategy, its management’s vision, and its corporate traditions, while being fully cognizant of available resources
  • An incentive system serves as the basis for engaging employees and encouraging them to perform at a higher level

We help our clients to address the following issues:

Incentive policies

Developing a framework concept for corporate incentives that is fully in line with the company's HR strategy and business strategy, as well as global best practices

Bonus plans aimed at boosting performance

Developing and implementing interconnected annual staff performance appraisal and compensation and incentive systems based on performance results

Describing and evaluating jobs, grading, and structuring a base payroll system

Establishing a fair and competitive compensation system that includes base pay, variable pay, and additional incentive payments for specific job categories or all company employees  

Executive compensation

Reviewing, developing and implementing a bonus system for senior executives based on company performance

Long-term incentive plans

Developing and implementing effective long-term incentive plans (LTIP) for senior managers and key company employees

Salary survey

Analysing compensation trends in the labour market, compiling analytical reports on selected sectors, and conducting focus overviews of reference groups at a client’s request

Why PwC?

We look at all aspects of our client's business and propose customised solutions that build on our unmatched Russian and global expertise and industry insights.

PwC offers an extensive set of HR management tools for complex solutions to diverse tasks, with the active involvement of our colleagues, who can provide expert advice on financial, business, management, tax and legal issues.

We help our clients to:

  • enhance the engagement and motivation of employees in line with corporate strategy and company objectives
  • boost the effectiveness of all systems and processes in HR management
  • inculcate a corporate culture in which all employees are eager to follow the organisation’s leader