International Mobility

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Are you sending your Russian employees abroad?
Have you considered…

Tax planning:

  • Tax efficiency of the chosen employment structure?
  • Are your assignees compliant with personal income tax legislation?
  • Are your assignees protected against double taxation through tax equalisation/tax protection?
  • Are you familiar with current market trends and best practices in the area of deploying employees abroad?
  • Have you considered all tax consequences in both the home and host locations?
  • Do your employees retain the right to remain members of state and corporate pension plans?
  • Is social security coverage being maintained?
  • Does your company actively seek to reduce costs and generate tax savings?

HR aspects:

  • Do you have a Group Mobility Policy?
  • Are you aware of the cost structuring and amount of expenses related to overseas secondment for employees, and effective ways of cost optimisation?
  • Is the mobility policy in your company based on the company's HR strategy?
  • How efficient are the administration procedures for overseas secondment for employees?

Legal and employment issues:

  • What are the legal grounds for seconding an employee abroad?
  • Is it necessary to make any additional agreements to the valid employment agreement with the employee or any separate agreement?
  • The law of which country applies to the employees seconded abroad?
  • What should you do when the labour conditions of the receiving party materially differ from those stipulated by Russian law?

How we can help?

  • Analysis of existing mobility policy and how it sits within the framework of the company's HR policy and recommendations provided on how to achieve synergy between the mobility and HR policies;
  • Review of efficiency of current mobility processes;
  • Evaluation of the current compensation and benefits package in terms of their competitiveness in the marketplace;
  • Reviewing the procedure of formalising relations with employees in Russia during their secondment abroad;
  • Feasibility study on whether mobile employees can retain their membership in state and private pension plans, thereby achieving maximum coverage;
  • Analysing the current procedure of seconding an employee abroad, identifying risks;
  • Choosing the tax and legally effective structure of overseas secondment for employees;
  • Supporting formalisation of labour relations in foreign jurisdictions;
  • Policy design and consultation;
  • Consultation on the merits of tax equalisation or tax protection and advice on how to protect against double taxation;
  • Personal income tax compliance and consulting services;
  • Tax optimisation: international tax planning for the employer and the employee.
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