Women-leaders in Russian business

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Since 2007, PwC has been conducting a survey dedicated to women’s opportunities for career growth in Russia.

  • The purpose of this work is to help women achieve their full potential in effectively building a career.
  • This year, questions were included about the various aspects of female leadership: its nature, the most the important qualities for women-leaders, competitive advantages of women, identifying both limiting factors and the key impulses for career growth.

Qualifications for selection:

Women-leaders from companies with more than 150 people with annual revenue of at least 120 million rubles.

Data sources:

  1. Online survey with a standardized questionnaire of 25 questions. The number of respondents was 200. The questionnaire provides statistically significant estimates in the most convenient form for respondents.
  2. In-depth interviews with unscripted questions. Five interviews were conducted. Their main goal was to acquire estimates for key motives and barriers in career realization as well as to clarify the results of the mass survey.

The research was conducted jointly with the Higher School of Economics of Russia.

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