Manufacturing Excellence – Achieving excellence in production and supply

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Events such as the Japan earthquake have highlighted the importance of supply chain resilience. We live in a world where the connections up and down the supply chain, as well as inside companies and outside to the world around them, are increasingly important. In this context, we highlight five issues that we believe will play an important part in determining the difference between manufacturing excellence, adequacy or mediocrity.

  • Identifying and preventing supply chain risk.
  • Linking demand planning with the whole value chain.
  • Making customer and supplier collaboration real.
  • Addressing lifecycle opportunities and demonstrating sustainable value.
  • Attracting the people and skills needed for the future.

Common to all five is the importance of companies engaging and connecting better with customers, suppliers and the world around them. Companies that are disconnected or fail to engage appropriately will miss opportunities to achieve excellence or, worse, face the danger of ticking time bombs that could fatally disrupt production and supply. Those that are successful in making the connections have the opportunity to gain ground and move ahead of their peers in distinctive and tangible ways.