IT effectiveness

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IT is a major expenditure for any company, and so it’s critical that investments in IT pay for themselves and that a company’s IT strategy fits in with its strategic goals. That’s why it’s clear that IT systems performance must be carefully managed, without losing sight of IT security and risk issues. In addition, a large percentage of M&A deals fail to produce the expected results, which in most cases is primarily due to a lack of IT analysis and proper integration.

Potential issues

  • You need to optimise the value of your IT spending.
  • You would like to improve IT performance to drive bottom-line results.
  • You want to drive out unnecessary IT complexity.
  • You want to leverage sourcing options to build your IT capabilities.
  • You would like to find the best way to organise your IT function to keep pace with business change.
  • You want to effectively manage security, risk and compliance issues related to IT.

Services we offer

IT function transformation:

  • IT strategy development
  • IT function optimisation (including IT costs reduction)
  • Programme and project management
  • IT due diligence
  • IPO diagnostic

Enterprise applications:

  • IT solutions design and review (ERP, EPM, DWH, BI, EAM, BPM)

Architecture and IT security:

  • IT solutions architecture design and review
  • IT security design and review

Emerging technologies:

  • Smart Grids (for Utilities)
  • NOC (for Telecom)
  • Cloud computing
  • Business simulation

Benefits for our clients

  • Eliminate unnecessary IT complexity
  • Optimise the value of your IT expenditures
  • Improve IT performance to drive bottom-line results
  • Effectively manage IT-related security, risk and compliance issues
  • Follow IT best practices