PwC experts in tax dispute resolution ranked among Tax Controversy Leaders 2013

Открыть страницу: на русском языке PwC experts in tax dispute resolution ranked among Tax Controversy Leaders 2013

PwC experts in tax dispute resolution were ranked among the Russia's best experts according to the International Tax Review. The Tax Controversy Leaders 2013 rating includes three PwC specialists from Russia: 

  • Yana Proskurina (Director, Head of the Tax Dispute Resolution practice),
  • Vladislav Bozhenkov (Senior Associate),
  • Maria Mikhaylova (Senior Associate).

Over 50 other PwC specialists from other countries were also ranked as leaders in tax dispute resolution for 2013 by International Tax Review magazine:

Eduardo Gil Roca, PwC Argentina
Michael Bersten, PwC Australia
Judy Sullivan, PwC Australia
Herbert Greinecker, PwC Austria
Gileno G Barreto, PwC Brazil
Fernando Loeser, PwC Brazil
Durval A Portela F, PwC Brazil
Nathalie Goyette, PwC Canada
Andrew McCrodan, PwC Canada
John Saunders, PwC Canada
Marc Vanasse, PwC Canada
Felipe Dominguez Celis, PwC Chile
Gonzalo Schmidt Gabler, PwC Chile
Francisco Valdivia Villagran, PwC Chile
Xiaoying Chen, PwC China
Liang Gong, PwC China
Matthew Mui, PwC China
Jane Wang, PwC China
Janet Xu, PwC China
Colin Farrell, PwC Hong Kong
Eugene Yeung, PwC Hong Kong
János Kelemen, PwC Hungary
Tamás Locsei, PwC Hungary
Pawan Kumar, PwC India
Rahul K Mitra, PwC India
Sanjay Tolia, PwC India
SM Thanneermalai, PwC Malaysia
Karina Pérez Delgadillo, PwC Mexico
Stef Van Weeghel, PwC Netherlands
Morten Beck, PwC Norway
Hubert Jadrzyk, PwC Poland
Jaime Carvalho Esteves, PwC Portugal
Henry An, PwC South Korea
Miguel Cruz Amorós, PwC Spain
Javier González Carcedo, PwC Spain
Antonio Puentes, PwC Spain
Myléne Beiming, PwC Sweden
Lennart Staberg, PwC Sweden
Sarah Dahinden, PwC Switzerland
Niklaus Honauer, PwC Switzerland
Benjamin Koch, PwC Switzerland
Zeki Gündüz, PwC Turkey
Bilgütay Yasar, PwC Turkey
Yuksel Toparlak,PwC Turkey
David Anderson, PwC UK
Giovanni Bracco, PwC UK
Stephen Camm, PwC UK
Peter Cussons, PwC UK
Mark Whitehouse, PwC UK
Simon Wilks, PwC UK
J Bradford Anwyll, PwC USA
Gregory Barton, PwC USA
Kevin Brown, PwC USA
Ward Connolly, PwC USA
Pamela Olson, PwC USA
David Swenson, PwC USA
Gary Wilcox, PwC USA
Nguyen Huong Giang, PwC Vietnam

In compiling the rating, the magazine considered successful projects performed by participants over the past year, as well as favourable feedback from clients and colleagues.

A complete list of the participants in Tax Controversy Leaders 2013 is available on the International Tax Review website.