Business Set-Up and Corporate Secretarial Services Practice

PwC Legal's practice for registration of Russian companies as well as branches and representative offices of foreign companies is comprised of leading corporate and registration lawyers seasoned in the nuances and requirements of the registration process.

We have helped over 70 globally renowned foreign companies start their business in Russia. Every year, we advise both Russian and foreign companies representing all business areas on registration in Russia and assist them with the registration process.

Launch your business in Russia with professionals!

What makes us different from others

  • Our professionals work in offices all over Russia, from Moscow to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • Direct access to a panel of tax, business, financial and HR advisers with substantial exposure to industry specifics
  • A multi-disciplinary approach to business that helps to make weighted and well-balanced decisions at each stage of the company’s life
  • We are part of PwC's Secretarial Services Network which links PwC's registration and other corporate services professionals from different countries (UK, France, Spain, Germany and others)
  • We maintain professional relationships with government authorities by putting our best practice to use and complying with FCPA and the UK Bribery Act

Our services

  • Legal review of foreign investors' proposed nature of business in Russia and structuring in terms of compliance with Russian law.
  • Consulting on corporate registration matters and performing registration procedures
  • Consulting on choosing the form of foreign legal entities’ legal presence in Russia
  • Structuring the presence of foreign legal entities in Russia; transfer of activities to another business structure
  • Structuring Russian legal entities’ management body systems
  • Consulting on compliance with Russian law related to the financial stability of Russian legal entities as well as consulting on how to finance Russian legal entities with foreign participants
  • Consulting on licensing issues
  • Registration of OOOs, ZAOs, OAOs and other types of for-profit and non-profit organisations.
  • Establishing representative offices and branch offices of foreign legal entities
  • Registration of branches and representative offices
  • Tax registration of foreign legal entities
  • Replacing directors of representative and branch offices as well as general directors (CEOs) of Russian legal entities
  • Opening bank accounts and structuring bank account management for foreign companies
  • Establishing representative and branch offices of Russian legal entities even in remote regions of the Russian Federation
  • Assisting in relocating Russian legal entities to another region
  • Increasing/decreasing the charter capital of Russian companies, including issuing additional shares
  • Consulting and state registration in terms of transferring shares and participatory interests in the charter capital of Russian legal entities;also includes entering new shareholders or participants into Russian legal entities
  • Annual corporate compliance and corporate secretarial services, including preparing minutes of management body meetings related to various aspects of a Russian company’s activity
  • Preparing documents regulating the internal activity of a Russian company (e.g. Regulations on Board of Directors; Regulations of General Director/CEO)

Our experience

  • Legal assistance to a leading German-based multinational company specialising in rolling mill technology for metallurgical plants in developing their operations in various regions of the Russian Federation by way of establishing accredited branch offices and Russian legal entities
  • Legal assistance to a Japanese multinational company specialising in installation and maintenance of submarine cables and oceanographic surveys and research, in developing an operational structure in various Russian regions; provided assistance with a multiple-region registration process within a limited time period
  • Legal assistance to a Swiss-based luxury watchmaker in establishing and developing their operations in Russia and the CIS
  • Legal assistance to a leading Swiss-based company in the fragrance industry in establishing operations in Moscow, transferring business from a representative office to a Russian legal entity
  • legal assistance to one of the world's top three manufacturers of construction equipment in establishing operations throughout Russia, including assistance with all registration processes
  • legal assistance to the world's premier full-service provider of financial print in structuring its operations in Russia; assistance with all registration processes required following the acquisition of one of its competitors which had significant operations in Russia
  • legal assistance to a leading international operator of land drilling rigs, offshore platform drilling rigs and mobile offshore drilling units with ongoing assistance regarding the development of their operations in Russia and the required registration procedure with the Russian regulatory authorities following the reorganisation process
  • legal assistance to a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of comprehensive systems and components used in oil and gas drilling and production with structuring their operations in Russia and, in particular, with determining the legal vehicle for the operations as well as the implementation of the proposed option
  • legal assistance to a leading manufacturer of road construction vehicles with their re-structuring projects, which included closing a number of branch offices in various Russian regions and transferring the business to a newly set up structure

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Managing Director PwC Legal
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