Immigration law practice

Structuring the employment of foreign nationals in Russia and other countries represents one of PwC's strongest consulting practice areas, both in Russia and worldwide.

We aim to create the most effective structures for employing foreign nationals and assist in obtaining all documents required for working in Russia, including work visas and permits for expatriate employees and visas for their family members.

Our clients are Russian and international companies engaged in all areas of manufacturing, engineering, oil and gas, trade, services, high technology, entertainment, media and advertising.

What makes us different from others

  • Our practice specialises in providing comprehensive consulting on employee relocation, business immigration, and other immigration-related issues.
  • We work closely with experts in personal and corporate taxation, and always consider the tax aspects of international employee assignments.
  • Our solutions are proven through practice and, if necessary, can be tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.
  • On average, we carry out more than 100 projects per year involving expatriate employment and obtaining immigrationpermits.
  • We advise clients on employee relocations to 130 countries around the world.

Our services

  • Consulting on all aspects of compliance with immigrationrequirements, standards and processes
  • Structuring the employment of expatriates in Russia, including designing compensation packages so as to maintain home-country social benefits
  • Obtaining immigrationdocuments for expatriate employees: processing Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS) visas, as well as documents for ordinary expatriate employees and those who are eligible for visa waiver programmes and special rules
  • Submitting quota applications for hiring expatriates
  • Registering employees with the Federal MigrationService (FMS)
  • Advising and providing support for obtaining work visas
  • Complying with all notification and registration requirements related to employing expatriates
  • Conducting due diligence and internal audits for immigrationlaw compliance
  • Providing support during FMS or labour inspectorate audits for compliance with immigrationlaw
  • Appealing FMS and labour inspectorate decisions and directives
  • Consulting on business immigration, including obtaining residence permits and citizenship
  • Developing policies and procedures for relocating employees to Russia
  • Conducting client training courses on compliance with immigrationlaw
  • comprehensive consulting on relocating employees from Russia to other countries: advising on immigrationand tax issues, as well as structuring employment relations with Russian employees abroad

Our experience

  • Supporting a leading FMCG producer in structuring the relocation of foreign employees from various CIS and European countries to several Russian regions, including assisting with the timely receipt of work permits for foreign employees, and visas for their family members, and advising on relocating Russian nationals from Europe back to Russia. Given the large number of inbound and outbound assignees, our consulting assistance on the timely receipt of work permits proved to be a critical factor in ensuring seamless business operations.
  • Advising a leading global soft drink manufacturer on developing a policy for frequent business travellers to Russia that meets the requirements of Russian immigrationlaw. Our consultation was delivered in conjunction with advice on potential personal income tax (PIT) liability for such business travellers, as well as potential corporate income tax implications.
  • Advising a manufacturer of equipment for electric power stations on immigration-related matters, including developing an employment structure for its foreign employees: double/split employment; structuring expatriate compensation to comply with Russian immigrationlaw; and assisting the client in Moscow and other Russian regions with obtaining work permits. PwC Legal attorneys represented the client's interests with Russian regulatory authorities during labour inspectorate audits and immigrationcompliance checks.
  • Advising a major oil and gas company on issues related to the secondment of foreign and Russian employees from an immigration and employment law perspective; consulting on tax-related matters. PwC Legal lawyers developed contractual relations that allowed the company to meet the requirements of Russian immigrationlaw while achieving its operational goals. As the client has a legal presence in several Russian regions, our advice factored in the specifics of local rules and regulations.
  • Advising an international company engaged in building waste-water treatment facilities on various immigrationlaw issues, including structuring the employment of expatriates as well as the country manager's multiple employment contracts with several of the group's Russian legal entities.
  • Providing a large international hotel chain with legal support on all immigrationlaw matters in various Russian regions; representing the client before Russian regulatory authorities during an immigration audit; and assisting with structuring expatriate employment in several regions from an immigration law standpoint.
  • Advising a major pharmaceuticals company on the immigrationlaw aspects of appointing top managers/general directors at several of its Russian subsidiaries. Specifically, our lawyers advised the client on creating structures that allow these executives to legally oversee the operations of four Russian legal entities and obtain the necessary work permits. Our advice allowed the client to put in place an executive employment structure that both complies with Russian immigrationregulations and meets the company’s operational goals.
  • Conducting a review of a leading oilfield service company's immigrationlaw compliance when hiring over 150 expatriate employees to work in four legal entities across Russia. The project included a review of compliance with immigrationrequirements (obtaining all permits, making notifications and meeting other requirements) as well as verification that employment relations with and actual hiring of expatriates were properly documented.
  • Consulting a leading oilfield service company on hiring foreign nationals to work on the continental shelf, marine vessels and floating platforms, as well as other matters.
  • Representing a leading global dairy products company during an immigrationlaw audit, and eliminating violations initially challenged by the FMS and reducing the company's relevant fines from RUB 30 million to RUB 0.5 million.
  • Advising on immigrationlaw matters for a global leader in credit ratings and credit risk analysis.
  • Providing legal assistance on all immigrationrequirements for the world's premier full-service provider of printing and related services.
  • Consulting on the overseas secondment of Russian employees, including compliance with immigrationlaw, as well as structuring employment relations with Russian secondees for the following companies: one of the world's largest gas suppliers, a top-ranked sporting goods retailer, and leading oilfield service companies, among others.

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