Real Estate & Construction Practice

PwC Legal's real estate & construction practice has been a part of a strong international team of PwC experts for many years. In Russia, we have a long history and vast experience of consulting clients on investments, real estate acquisitions and deals structuring, infrastructure development, construction and other matters. Our clients include international and Russian companies such as natural monopolies, state corporations, investment funds, developers, management companies and private investors.

What makes us different from others

  • for every real estate project, we create a unique team of experts to perform comprehensive legal, tax and financial consulting
  • thanks to PwC's large advisory practice, our legal consultants take into account all aspects of the client's industry
  • we can benefit from the expertise of lawyers in the real estate practice in 80 jurisdictions
  • our team has developed extensive experience from work on large-scale projects, including infrastructure engagements

Our services

  • Structuring real estate acquisitions (asset deals/share deals)
  • Performing due diligence of real estate
  • Drafting, developing and subsequent approval of transaction documents (including SPAs for asset deals or share deals)
  • Financing real estate transactions, structuring collateral for financing deals
  • Consulting on leasing, representing lessors and lessees
  • Advising on structuring investments for real estate projects
  • Consulting on construction and joining engineering networks
  • Advice on operation of real estate properties (including contracts with management companies, contracts concerning common property of buildings).

Our experience

  • Representing a major real estate management company in the sale of 11,500 sq. m. of Class A premises to a large Russian bank (legal support included deal structuring, drafting and discussing transaction documents)
  • Representing a large subsidiary of an oil and gas holding , acting as lessor of a Class A office space of 12,800 sq. m.
  • Consulting a large electric utilities company on lease-related matters and drafting guidelines for entering and registering lease contracts for electric grids
  • Legal due diligence for a Japanese investor with respect to a Moscow-based construction project and property in order to raise financing
  • Legal due diligence of titles to real estate (approximately 400 sites) owned by a group engaging in fertilizer manufacturing to perform a deal with an investor subsequently acquiring these companies' shares
  • Legal services to a Russian distributor of Chinese vehicles and components , and support to a large-scale project in the Lipetsk Region (covering more than 600 ha)
  • Legal services to a Russian distributor of a Japanese car maker as part of structuring an investment project related to auto assembly in Russia, ensuring, among other things, legal compliance in the area of industrial assembly
  • Consulting a large South Korean developer on structuring construction of a multifunctional shopping and business centre in Moscow.

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