Managing People

The labour market is changing rapidly. Globalisation, changes in labour legislation and talent shortages are all having an influence on employer-employee relations and are setting the trend for development of workforce resources over the next decade.

HR function heads are under increasing pressure from business units of their companies. Effective human resources management directly influences a business’ sustainability and value. HR is increasingly seen as a crucial component in implementing strategy for many successful companies.

In Russia, the HR areas in focus now and for the foreseeable future are:

  • Executive compensation, including long-term incentives to align interests of shareholders and managers
  • HR strategy
  • Implementing a systematic approach to compensation, and improved, more efficient compensation systems
  • Pension plans.
PwC recommends adopting a focused approach to human capital issues if your company has problems in at least one of the following areas:
  • How can you motivate managers to achieve the strategic objectives set by shareholders?
  • How can a company attract and retain its most valuable employees?
  • What is the best way to create a fair grading and compensation structure?
  • How can employee performance be improved?
  • How do employment conditions in your company rate against the competition?
  • How can you improve your HR management system?
Everyday, we work with organisations of every size and many different industries to help them find solutions in the areas of:
  • Development of executive compensation, including long-term incentive plans
  • HR strategy and processes analysis and development
  • Job evaluation, grading and salary structures
  • Pension plans
  • Analysis of HR effectiveness and HR benchmarking
  • HR aspects of transactions
  • Design of performance management system
  • Salary surveys.