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PwC specialists offer a range of services to help pharmaceutical companies improve the efficiency of their supply chain and distribution, protect intellectual property rights, tackle the issues of certification and licensing, and comply with the complex organisational, tax and legal requirements for clinical research. We are ready to help you find effective solutions to the challenges of attracting and targeting investments, as well to provide support regarding various other issues on the road to success in the Russian market.

Our vision

The global pharmaceutical industry is undergoing major changes. Experts say that the industry is shifting to a new operational model known as “personalised pharmaceuticals”. While R&D remains crucial to a company's success in the marketplace, CEOs of pharmaceutical companies have other pressing issues to address. These include controlling compliance with international and national regulations, developing an effective supply chain, enhancing marketing quality and improving the global management model for pharmaceutical businesses.

And although the Russian pharmaceutical market shares the same concerns, it also must deal with a number of country-specific features and issues. Russia must still improve conditions for the development of both Russian and foreign producers.

How we can help

Our professionals have gained vast expertise in consulting Russian pharmaceutical companies and can help you navigate through a wide range of industry segments, including patent drug producers and generic manufacturers, suppliers of medical and diagnostic equipment, life sciences companies, distributors and pharmacy chains, R&D institutions and industry associations.

We bring together the professional expertise and practical experience of the global PwC network and would be glad to share our pool of knowledge with you. PwC’s international practice serving pharmaceutical companies draws on the talent of more than 2,000 professionals.

Contact us to find out how PwC can help you.