Pharmaceutical industry publications

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A new era for pharmaceuticals — New Commercial Models: What’s working and what’s not

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a commercial evolution. Traditional sales and marketing tactics — such as the classic in-person sales rep model — have declined, leading companies to invest in new commercial models (NCMs).

Pharma emerging markets 2.0: How emerging markets are driving the transformation of the pharmaceutical industry

Strategy& surveyed key players and experts in the pharmaceutical industry to understand the hurdles and opportunities Pharma faces in emerging markets.

Industry snapshot: Pharmaceuticals & life sciences within 18th Annual Global CEO Survey 2015

We pose dozens of questions to CEO’s regarding trends in the global economy and their impact, the business environment of certain countries, and the overall mood in the entrepreneurial world.

Revitalizing pharmaceutical R&D: The value of real world evidence

Pharmaceutical companies face a major challenge that threatens reimbursement and value capture: The potential disruption from real world evidence (RWE) as a factor in evaluating new drugs.

Pharma 2020: From vision to decision

The pharmaceutical industry is at a critical juncture.

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences’ fight against bribery and corruption

Bribery and corruption stands out as a big issue for pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies in our Global Economic Crime Survey 2014.

Managing innovation in pharma

Innovation in pharmaceuticals has a dramatic impact both on the health and wellness of millions of people and the bottom lines of the companies in the sector.

Customer experience in the pharmaceutical sector: Getting closer to the patient

A variety of factors can impact and frustrate consumers during their treatment experience.

IFRS. Issues and Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industries

The publication represents an authoritative analysis of accounting issues that the industry face.