Power & Utilities

    To be successful, power and utility companies need a strong asset and technology management, good HR to recruit and retain skilled talent, effective strategies for fluctuating commodities prices and a strategic outlook on governance, risk and stakeholder management. Also important is knowledge of the complex web of regulations that impact on the Russian utilities industry. It isn't easy and the game is always changing.

    We have a team of experts who offer services in audit and assurance, tax and legal, HR, client training, consulting, transaction support and forensics. They would be happy to assist you in addressing the following challenges:

    • Compliance with regulatory requirements;
    • Expanding operations, meeting growth targets and improving performance;
    • Carrying out investment and infrastructure projects;
    • Managing tax risks, crisis situations and costs;
    • Selecting technologies and preparing for Smart Grids;
    • Using green technologies and renewable resources;
    • Managing HR and developing key talents.