Company strategy and operational effectiveness

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The success of any company depends, first of all, on having a clear and consistent strategy in place, supported with efficient operational management and an understanding of those critical factors that can help grow the value of the business. Working closely with you, we can assess your company's value proposition and competitive position and develop an appropriate business strategy, as well as identify the strategic options for growing the business and maximising its value for its current owners and to increase its attractiveness for potential outside investors and lenders. 

The available options can include not only developing appropriate growth plans but also organisational change across the business including operational and process improvement to ensure execution of the strategy and reduction of operating costs.


  • Business strategy development
  • Shadow estimate
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Supply chain management
  • Organisational structure and management system
  • Reasonable cost reduction
  • Business process development and improvement
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management and compliance
  • IT-function effectiveness