Taxation and the law

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Tax Consulting services

Taxes are simultaneously a key source of public revenue and, as a critical element of the investment climate, an important tool in relations between government and investors. So, it’s crucial that companies carefully analyse and assess the tax implications of their business decisions from the perspective of mitigating any possible regulatory risks as well as the potential for realising cost savings and creating additional competitive advantages.

We can help you analyse your company’s accounting policies for tax purposes and review the tax implications of specific transactions, as well as suggest ways to prevent potential errors, mitigate risks and identify opportunities to enhance operational tax efficiency.


  • Advice on legal developments
  • Tax costs optimization
  • Tax litigation services
  • Developing an effective tax function


Legal services

In doing business, every company must deal with a wide range of legal issues touching upon corporate, antimonopoly, real estate and currency legislation as well as other branches of the law. Company owners and managers must also address such critical issues as protecting themselves from potential M&A risks, safeguarding their assets, including IP rights, and handling complex personnel matters, without incurring any adverse consequences.

We can help you conduct a thorough legal analysis of such issues, and advise you on how to avoid potential errors, mitigate risks and identify solutions that can fully meet the needs of your growing business.


  • Independent legal due diligence
  • Deals structuring
  • Business restructuring and reorganisation
  • Intellectual property
  • Labour law