Public Private Partnership (PPP) and project finance

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There is unprecedented interest in Russia’s plans to modernize and expand infrastructure. To make the most of this, all stakeholders, including government agencies, investors and infrastructure companies, need proven expertise in financing, forecasting, risk management and governance. We have the right people and systems to ensure consistent returns over the lifespan of new and improved infrastructure assets.

Potential issues

  • You seek an experienced independent advisor to represent you to the investment community in raising capital for your infrastructure or investment project on the most attractive terms.
  • You need a coordinator for developing an infrastructure project from concept to implementation.
  • You need assistance in validating your financial analysis to support a bid.
  • You have a client who is developing a project in Russia and needs to partner with a professional services firm with large local resources.
  • You seek private equity investment opportunities for infrastructure projects.

Our services

  • Assessing potential projects to ensure that investment decisions are well grounded, and that projects are feasible and well planned
  • Structuring projects; from advising on procurement strategies and project implementation to analysing risks, arranging financing and conducting negotiations so that our clients are set up to succeed
  • Executing projects to help you ensure that the financing, delivery and operation are in time and on budget

Benefits for our clients

  • We have a track record of developing flexible, innovative solutions for our clients that provide the foundation for a project’s successful completion.
  • Our global network lets us tap into the international experience and broad competencies of our people to operate successfully anywhere in the world.
  • We provide customised solutions based on international best practice.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of both founders and financiers.
  • We have broad experience in measuring the social and economic benefits of infrastructure projects.