Real Estate

    What are the most promising areas for investment?

    • Assessing the profitability of various real estate segments
    • Conducting comprehensive analysis of Russian regions and cities in line with the client's investment strategy
    • Developing investment strategies

    What preparatory measures can ensure the best returns on real estate sales?

    • Developing models for substantiating the value of assets/ portfolios
    • Transaction structuring
    • Assisting in negotiations with buyers

    What services can assist in assessing the value of an asset or business?

    • Preparing integrated models for assessing asset values
    • Monitoring real estate portfolios and portfolio management
    • Conducting financial modelling and analysis of such models
    • Conducting scenario-based analysis of crisis management measures
    • Conducting due diligence
    • Assessing and optimising business processes
    • Managing company risks
    • Auditing and analysing IT risks
    • Auditing outsourcing companies
    • Implementing SAP ERP
    • Assisting in fraud identification

    What steps can be taken to ensure that reliable and accurate data can be generated?

    • Analysing existing management accounting systems
    • Developing detailed solutions for optimising accounting systems
    • Providing methodological support and control over changes made to accounting systems
    • Benchmarking

    What measures can help to save time on preparing IFRS reports and conclusions?

    • Holding training sessions for client employees with respect to the application of IFRS
    • Assisting in drafting statements in accordance with international standards
    • Developing robust solutions on complex audit matters
    • Optimising business processes and documenting information flow to ensure the timely submission of accounting data
    • Carrying out audit procedures
    • Automating preparation of IFRS statements (i.e., Caseware)

    What measures can help to raise finance under the best terms possible?

    • Defining optimal structures and costs of lending
    • Optimising treasury functions and planning cash flows

    How to successfully offer rouble and foreign currency bonds in open and closed markets?

    • Analysing the level of business readiness for floating bond issues
    • Finding investors and analysing stock exchange requirements
    • Drafting road maps to prepare for stock offerings
    • Assisting in prospectus preparation

    What steps can ensure that key borrowing terms are properly followed?

    • Reviewing existing debt covenants
    • Optimising accounting systems for generating required reports
    • Developing projections of corporate performance to eliminate non-compliance with covenants in the future

    How to obtain credit ratings from international rating agencies?

    • Determining key risk areas
    • Coordinating communications with rating agencies

    What should be the basis for bonuses?

    • Developing KPI systems for various lines of business
    • Developing monitoring and control tools for KPIs

    How to improve efficiency in tax planning?

    • Optimising holding and finance structures
    • Identifying and reviewing existing tax liabilities
    • Developing controls over tax risks
    • Providing assistance in resolving tax disputes (e.g., VAT refunds)
    • Consulting on current and expected developments in tax law (e.g., deoffshorisation and transfer pricing matters)

    What legal services are available to support business?

    • Structuring investments in real estate
    • Drafting contracts
    • Due diligence of assets
    • Providing opinions on complex legal issues
    • Classifying movable and non-movable properties


    • smooth, quick and reliable provision of the services you are looking for
    • find reliable finance, save on financing cost
    • minimise your risks at acquisition of new properties or land plots
    • optimise your revenues from an IPO through an efficient preparation
    • save money on the premises your company uses


    • Dr. Holger Muller, Managing Director of the Real Estate group, PwC Russia has been selected Person of the Year No. 2 for the annual Commercial Real Estate (CRE). Dr. Holger Muller has been selected Person of the Year No. 2 in voting for the annual Commercial Real Estate (CRE) for the Russian real estate industry. Holger has extensive professional experience in the banking and real estate sectors spanning 24 years, of which he has spent 18 years working in Russia. His top professional achievement in 2015 was the sale of St. Petersburg’s Jupiter office complex to the Blagosostoyanie Fund, a private Russian pension fund.

    • Anna Strezhneva delivered a presentation on “Environmental impact: new methods of state regulation” in a meeting of the Real Estate Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). Anna Strezhneva, Senior Associate, PwC Legal, recently took part in a meeting of the Real Estate Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Russia, where she delivered a presentation on “Environmental impact: new methods of state regulation”. In her talk, Anna covered several issues, including:
          -Classification of facilities with an adverse environmental impact
          -Best available techniques
          -Utilisation requirements (reporting for 2015)

    • Staying power - European cities hotel forecast for 2016 and 2017. Read more

    • On 2 March 2016, PwC Russia held a panel discussion where real estate experts presented the results of PwC’s latest survey. Read more

    • On 4 February 2016, PwC Russia and the Urban Land Institute in Russia (ULI Russia) hosted the annual conference "Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Europe 2016". Read more.

    • PwC has served as an independent consultant to the Urban Awards ceremony. Read more.

    • Lybov Solonina, Senior Manager RE, Olga Koroleva, Manager RE, Elena Chumicheva, Manager RE participated in one of the biggest events of commercial RE market - CRE Summit, ended with CRE Federal & St.Petersburg Award, in which Lubov Solonina, Senior manager of corporate finance practice presented the award of Fort Group to the winner in nomination Best Development Company of St. Petersburg in 2015

    • News from our Real Estate practice within the Financial Services group: Dr Holger Mьller, Managing Director of PwC Russia’s Real Estate practice, has been named Person No. 2 in voting for Commercial Real Estate (CRE) magazine’s annual awards. Altogether, Holger has 24 years’ experience in the banking and real estate sectors, 18 years of which he has been working in Russia. He believes that his most significant professional achievement in 2014 was establishing and structuring the firm’s M&A practice.

    • At a conference in Moscow on 5 February 2015, the Urban Land Institute and PwC presented a joint report titled Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2015 to showcase the findings of their annual real estate sector survey. Read more

    • PwC Russia recently acted as adviser to ZAO Avielen AG for a deal to dispose of two office buildings in the multi-purpose AEROPORTCITY St Petersburg complex. Read more

    • PwC served as an independent consultant to the 2014 Urban Awards

    • At a conference in St Petersburg on 14 April 2014, the Urban Land Institute and PwC presented a joint report titled Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2014 to showcase the findings of their annual real estate sector survey.