Bob Moritz, US chairman and senior partner of PwC, portrays urbanization in its strategic context: A megatrend that cuts across economic, social, political and policy boundaries and touches every corner of the business world.
Ulla Hamilton, Stockholm vice mayor for innovation, discusses policies on education, open broadband, incentives and the simple joy of solving problems that make her city an entrepreneurial success.
Erik Brynjolfsson, director of MIT's center for digital business and author of The Second Machine Age, sets the stage for a new era of work as technology pushes back the frontiers for itself and for humans.

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The sixth edition of Cities of Opportunity continues an investigation that began in 2007 in an effort to help the world’s great cities understand what policies and approaches work best for people and economies in a rapidly urbanizing world.

Again this year, we look at a group of 30 cities that embody the energy, opportunity and hope that draw new people every day to city life and make urbanization one of the most powerful megatrends of our time. Jakarta, Nairobi and Rio de Janeiro also join the list in this edition, and Dubai rejoins, replacing Abu Dhabi as a Mideast financial and commercial center.

We continue Cities of Opportunity 6 in the same spirit the study began – that of lively curiosity and rigorous endeavor in order to shed light on the most effective ways to drive urban life for the greatest common good.