Financial Due Diligence Group

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Financial due diligence

Financial due diligence involves analys ing and validating the financial assumptions that underpin a deal. We look at past trading experience to form a view of the future and to confirm that there are no “blackholes” or prima facie errors. The service includes review of:

  • group structure, key flows, related-party arrangements and carve-out issues
  • key assets and summary balance sheet
  • capex, including amounts underspent and capital commitments
  • financing structure, net debt and debt-like items, any off-balance sheet arrangements, liabilities that are unrecorded or contingent (or both), and other negotiating points to be considered for purchase price negotiations or transaction structuring
  • security provided (either for own or for third-party borrowings), and encumbrances on the assets
  • arrangements with tenants, customer concentration, and sustainable level of net rental income
  • key suppliers and management of the asset, including any informal arrangements
  • management and personnel including any unrecorded liabilities

Divestment services: vendor due diligence

We provide vendors with an independent view of the business that covers both its performance and prospects.