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Disposal of distressed or non-core assets

We provide strategic consulting support, from an overall appraisal of plans to full rationalisation of business operations. We can either develop plans together with the client, or analyse and improve existing plans.

Maximising the value of M&A transactions

Acting as your trusted deal advisor, we cover all aspects of a transaction, from pre-deal preparations through to successful deal completion. We ensure that your M&A deal goes as planned, bringing maximum shareholder value.

As your advisor, we:

  • help you to consider your strategic options (e.g. disposal versus development) and analyse the value of your real estate before going into a transaction.
  • manage the entire process, from pre-deal preparation to successful deal completion, so you don’t have to distract resources from your day-to-day business operations.
  • take overall responsibility for a transaction, including coordinating the expert tax, legal and accounting teams to ensure seamless service delivery.
  • help you to select the optimal buyers or sellers and choose the best possible negotiation strategy.
  • maximise the value you get from the deal, both in purchase price and structure.