Retail & Consumer

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    The Retail & Consumer industry in Russia is facing the time of challenges and opportunities. The rise of e-commerce, changing tastes and recent decline of economic growth followed by declining disposable income and demand have already influenced and changed the market and more is yet to come. PwC Russia’s Retail & Consumer professionals can help you accurately assess your business potential, overcome barriers to success and find new opportunities in the current environment. In addition to audit, tax and legal services, we can also assist you to improve your performance and operational efficiency, as well as offer solutions for setting up processes and developing strategies for this very competitive market.

    We are eager to share with you our knowledge of the Russian market and the specifics of each stage in the value chain - from goods production to end sales. We can also offer our views on the most important issues facing the industry today, including:

    • Improving your company’s competitive position on the market;
    • Improving supply chains and coordinating with suppliers and retailers;
    • Being aware of expected legislative changes and their impact on your business;
    • Using on-line as an integrated sales channel to provide seamless shopping experience;
    • Determining, evaluating and minimising the risks in your company’s operations;
    • Investing in client relationships;
    • Finding opportunities for your business through social media and digital marketing.