Demystifying the online shopper: 10 myths of multichannel retailing

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It is a well-known fact that online retail in Russia is growing. Managers need to understand shopper behaviour and how it is influenced by the online channel in order to understand the impact these developments have on business. With that in mind, PwC Russia is a participant in PwC’s Global Multichannel Study, which draws on a survey of more than 11,ooo online shoppers in 11 countries.

So, what do the survey results tell us? For example, they show that 85% of Russian internet users have already bought something online while 43% of them shop online at least once a month. E-commerce is clearly more relevant for bigger cities than for the regions, but these differences have been somewhat overstated. Our findings clearly point out that, while e-commerce does not dramatically change shopper behaviour in all categories of products over the short term, its influence is growing and managers who ignore it risk being left behind.