Implementing Systems Controls

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Businesses are exposed to an increasing degree of regulation, both general (such as the Data Protection Law) and industry-specific. The costs of ensuring compliance and the fines associated with non-compliance are increasing, as are the associated reputational risks. This has led to organizations placing increased focus on the management of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) with technology-based solutions.

Operating a complex ERP system such as SAP increases the burden on a compliance function. PwC will help to reduce this burden with cost effective solutions that are based on your existing technology or the most appropriate software in the market.

Implementing robust security and controls within SAP is challenging and extremely complex. As a result, many organizations are unaware of the risks that have been configured into their system or the additional reporting functionality available for use.

Issues you are facing Our solutions
  • Do you find it difficult to convert business requirements into SAP logic or you want to properly account for all aspects of Russian financial and tax accounting in the system?
  • Do you lack effective segregation of duties or have you identified unauthorised attempts to access confidential data?
  • Are you worried that your IT systems are not secure, reliable or properly controlled?
  • Are you concerned about completing a project on time and within budget without sacrificing quality? Are younot sure whether the project goals and objectives have been achieved?
  • We can provide assistance in developing technical requirements and preparing project solutions; advising on the technical implementation of Russian financial and tax accounting standards; resolving methodological issues
  • We can provide assistance in designing appropriate roles, developing the SoD matrix; supporting implementation of SAP GRC
  • We can perform a comprehensive analyses of IT security and internal controls on the basis of SAP solutions
  • Our Risk Assurance team analyses the quality of the information system implementation through all stages of the project life cycle


The Risk Assurance team completed a Quality assurance project for a Russian gas company’s subsidiary operating purchases for the whole Group. The project was done over the SAP system implementation. The scope of work included the Accounting, Tax and Management accounting, Finance and budgeting processes.

PwC was involved in the implementation phase of the project. We assessed the quality of the project plan, decisions, and documentation. We assisted in system integration testing, provided help in the checking of balances migrated between the legacy systems and new platform. Finally, we reviewed the completeness and accuracy of SAP system-generated reports.


Client confidence in the financial data processed by the system has significantly increased upon completion of the SAP implementation quality assurance project.

This was achieved through the following points:

  • Prompt detection of system implementation gaps and issues, e.g. misleading interpretation of client’s project management methodology which could have led to:
    • Incomplete automation of the operating processes;
    • Incomplete implementation of the automation procedures, not reflecting the business requirements;
  • Providing recommendations of additional automation to be gained from the system;
  • Confirmation of the accuracy of reporting forms prior to submitting to external parties;
Providing comfort over the system account balances (confirmed registers of the accounting, tax and management reporting forms).