Project Assurance

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For most companies, managing a large-scale project is a challenging exercise that is associated with significant costs and high strategic risks. This is especially true in technology projects, or construction projects that deal with new technology.

PwC experts in project management help clients ensure the probability of a project success and meet their business objectives. We provide insightful, independent and informed advice to our Clients to reduce the risk of project failure and to increase business value. We provide quality assurance through the entire project life-cycle, from project identification through the final delivery.

We focus on project quality assurance and mitigation of project risk to execute a successful implementation.

Issues you are facing Our solutions

General project issues:

  • Lack of agreement or clarity in project constraints (scope or dependencies), communication around project goals and outcomes;
  • Lack of detailed understanding of business requirements, transparency on business benefits and risks, mature processes for risk and issues management;
  • Limited delivery experience and ineffective allocation of resource.

We work with clients to:

  • Assess project risks and review quality check points;
  • Analyze the tools and methodologies used to deliver projects, as well as the maturity of processes, to validate whether project teams are using tools, techniques, and skills effectively;
  • Analyze management’s decision-making processes for project and project phase approval;
  • Assess the numeric models used to rationalize the client’s business case and drivers of change.

IT-related projects:

  • Concerns about completing a project on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality;
  • Failure of implementation project to achieve established goals;
  • Doubts about the effectiveness of existing project management processes;
  • Struggle to accomplish implementation within the established deadline;
  • Uncertainty about how to promptly and independently assess a project’s current status.

We work with clients to:

  • Analyze business processes and assess automation;
  • Identify information system requirements;
  • Verify that project solutions and concepts meet business requirements;
  • Ensure project performance meets business requirements and is in line with methodology;
  • Quality control of system integration testing
  • Assess involvement of the implemented functionality.


Our clients often request us to perform independent assessments of the current project status, the overall project management process currently implemented, and the current project results, to validate whether such projects will meet the established requirements.

Identification of project risks is the top priority for clients managing entire project portfolios, and we can assist them through implementation of a tailored project risk management process.


  • Our clients receive an independent perspective of the project status, the established project management process, and recommendations for meeting established project requirements;
  • Based on our assessments, our clients obtain improved awareness of the proper use of the tools and methodologies for project delivery, as well as the required project management process maturity to deliver projects successfully.