Supply chain management

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We work with clients across industries and around the world to build supply chains with a competitive edge. We help companies expand sustainable growth, retain traditional markets and capture new ones by designing supply chains that support their business strategies. Our clients enjoy access to proven best practices in network strategy, supply chain planning, sourcing and procurement, as well as production, transportation, distribution, and inventory and warehouse management.

Potential issues

  • Optimising your supply chain to reduce logistics and production costs and/or improve customer service
  • Strategically transforming your logistics operating model by: centralising, consolidating, or insourcing/outsourcing transportation, warehouse management or procurement
  • Planning better in order to increase revenue and optimise working capital
  • Reducing total ownership cost for materials and services
  • Improving the on-shelf or in-stock availability of your products
  • Synchronising your production cycles along the value chain
  • Understanding your clients’ long- and short-term needs
  • Improving your order fulfillment  cycle
  • Reducing excess stock

Services we offer

  • Supply chain strategies
  • Optimised logistics networks
  • Operational efficiency by redesigning supply chain management processes and procedures
  • Operational efficiency by applying the Lean Six Sigma approach to supply chain processes
  • Supply chain organisation models, including creating Shared Service Centres
  • Functional strategies for planning, sourcing and procurement, transportation and warehouse management
  • IT tools to support SCM processes

Benefits for our clients

  • Increased revenue, better customer service and other services, as well as a dynamic understanding of the demand profile
  • Reduced logistics, purchasing, production and distribution costs
  • Less time to market
  • A competitive advantage through supply chain management